the meaning behind Memories of You

I think the best way to describe the mood I was in for this one is bitter-sweet.  I think we all at times think back about that person we were totally into, but who is no longer in our lives at all.  And all we’ve got are those memories that are slowing fading away.  We try to hold on to them, but time tends to erase a lot of things.  But then, out of nowhere, the thoughts may come back really strong…  And they can go away the same way they came…

Memories Of You

A ¾  song.  This is definitely an “album song” (as in “not hit single material”).  “Memories of You” meanders and I wanted it that way.  This is about how memories are weird in that they pop up without warning and for no reason.  And suddenly, you find yourself forgetting about where you are, what you are doing, and just think about that person you haven’t seen in a long time.  I was listening to some recent Gary Numan stuff, and I love how he plays with sounds and creates changing atmospheres in his recent songs.  That definitely inspired me here.

What We Want to Believe in on the album

The trip inside yourself continues.  Inwardly motions based on being delusional.  Are we leading lives based mostly on appearances?  How much is real out there?  Do we even want to know what is real?  And another question is:  When will reality fully kick in (because we know it will)?  Are we delaying the inevitable?  I am not only talking about love relationship, but also our world taken globally (we know our way of life will end pretty soon, and yet what are we doing to really prepare for the change???)  Despite what all the politicians say, I don’t think any of them really cares for future generations…

The meaning behing “What We Want to Believe In”.

Again, the title conveys the subject matter clearly in this case.  A whole relationship can be built on false pretense, and everybody can actually be happy with that for so long as it serves each person’s purpose.  Sure, it is a selfish thing to do, and it can be quite destructive if not everyone is playing the same game.  But let’s face it, we live in a world full of those kinds of behavior.  And again, at times, it doesn’t even take two people for this to happen.  Sometimes, we can do it to ourselves without anyone’s help.  That is called being delusional.  That is easy to see in others.  That is harder to recognize for ourselves.

Influences for “What We Want to Believe in”.

The title is pretty clear.  We all believe what helps our cause, is I guess what I trying to say.  It is easy to lie to yourself and get convinced that this lie is the truth.  This is more of a rock song, I think, and the goold old 120 BPM helps.  Not sure about the influences, but I wrote a structure that is pretty classic for a rock song, with the 2 verses, the upbeat chorus and the classic quieter bridge, repeating the chorus lines.  Maybe this gets closer to a Muse when it is more rock and not too operatic.  I am not sure.

How “Edge of Life” ties in with other songs on the album

Admiration…  There is another very lonely feeling…  That dreamy state you find yourself in when your mind starts to wonder and you get consumed by this person you find unique and extraordinary…  Nobody can understand what you feel, not even yourself (the  first line of the first verse is “you play with my feelings in ways I don’t understand”).  But what is attractive is clear, it is that sense of freedom and carelessness that person exudes.    Dangerous stuff.

The Songwriting process for “Edge of Life”

This song is about admiration I guess.  Nothing dark or awful.  So, It is a slightly lighter side of Slowmatch.  The melodies are, I think, a little less aggressive.  I didn’t want to go into full-on drama or anger.  That is not what this song is about.  But it is about longing for someone we admire.  I think this song still has the Slowmatch stamp but  I tried to go for arrangements that are less dark.  I think the drums and bass and the chord progressions reflect that.  I could see doing a remix of this that would be a lot more ethereal, to express maybe the distance between the protagonist and the person he loves.

The Meaning behind “Edge of Life”

Are you attracted to danger?  Are you tempted to leave all duties and responsibilities behind for some absolutely irrational passion?  That is what this is about.  If you let yourself go there, things become surprisingly light and easy, like all the problems in the world are gone.  It is literally exhilarating.  But don’t think about planning for the future…

Of course, you may also ask yourself “What future?”  And if  there is any, is it worth planning for?  A world where oil will become really pricy?  A world where water will be come unavailable to some?  All of that stuff is behind that song, and that is why it may just be the right choice to fall for that fantastic person at that extraordinary point in time, and not care about what comes next.

Influences for “Edge of Life”.

I think this one may be the flip side of “Beauty and Destruction”.  I am definitely attracted to people who live on the edge, somewhat recklessly and carelessly. I think a lot of us are.  It seems like life may be more “intense” where they are.  This song is about a woman who lives that way and to whom I would be more than willing to surrender…  As the chorus says, it is about dancing on the edge of life, and flirting with our final fall.  What a glamorous thing to do.  The music here is meant to be somewhat “lighter”.  The verse has an easy groove, with a dance-type drum track.  Not sure what artist truly influenced me on this, but it definitely more Depeche Mode than Reznor singing Head like a Hole.