Summer 2014

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Fall 2014

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[Slowmatch] brings an inspirational approach to modern day Dance Rock or Heavy Trance with a hint of Industrial Metal and guitar driven fusion between the two.”
Indie Artists Alliance
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With a sound ranging from Modern Rock, Indie-Electronica to Dub and Hard Rock, Slowmatch has a uniquely forged a sound that translates through every song and beat. These songs are passionate, real, interesting, alluring, and consistently well delivered.
Vents Magazine
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The Precipice of Slowmatch

Who Slowmatch is is not relevant. What it is matters. It’s a slow burning fuse. Because that is the way everything feels. How long is the fuse? What’s at the end of the fuse? Who knows? But what is clear is that a little bit burns out every day. And there is no turning back.

And suddenly, you find yourself thinking that you may be running out of time, and that very little may separate you from some kind of disastrous explosion, or implosion, or something irreversible, whatever it is, that’ll make you think that it is just tool late.

Slowmatch is just that. It’s a sense of urgency. It’s a need to capture the moments before they are gone and you forget.

Sometimes, it’s about the dust left behind by what just got burned off, and the sense of loss that comes with that.

Sometimes it’s about the flame, and that burning feeling – that sometimes painful feeling – of being alive, without being able to control much of anything.

Sometimes, it’s about the smoke, and how everything gets so blurry that it’s impossible to see anything clearly, how everything gets so foggy that it feels like there is no plan, just luck, good or bad.

That’s where it all comes from. The name. The music. The lyrics. The rage and the fear. The strength and the weakness. All of it. It’s not about writing another song for the sake of writing another song. It’s about saying something when you don’t know how to else to say it and nobody seems to listen anyway

So it all came to this.
That’s all there is.
A precipice.