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Review From Indie Artists Alliance

[Slowmatch] brings an inspirational approach to modern day Dance Rock or Heavy Trance with a hint of Industrial Metal and guitar driven fusion between the two. I like to call this genera Electronic-Metal. This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul. Slowmatch is a production dynamo, like a modern day Trent Reznor. Besides modern Electronic Metal one can also appreciate the Industrial overtones with a hint of Electric Prog-Rock. The closest thing I would compare Slowmatch to would be a zestful combination of Rob Zombie, and classic Ministry. He sounds much more like these 2 artists than NIN. The underlying theme here is no-doubt intellectual mayhem.


Vents Magazine

With a sound ranging from Modern Rock, Indie-Electronica to Dub and Hard Rock, Slowmatch has a uniquely forged a sound that translates through every song and beat. These songs are passionate, real, interesting, alluring, and consistently well delivered. For those who like bands like Joy Davison, NIN, Sisters of Mercy and Ministry you will be highly entertained. Slowmatch offers a distinct synchronicity and musicality that can be found with no other band of this day and age – they are mostly gone. This EP includes just 3 tracks that will leave you high and dry, but in the process make you want to dance, think, rebel or even inspire against someone or some event that may have wronged you. All tracks portray true emotion and evoke you to feel the same. The lyrics, as with all their songs, paint a dark but honest picture. The keys and notes fall smoothly with every second that pass by and it is as if these notes and words were meant for each other. The rhythmic pace of all tracks hit home. Before you know it you will be pressing repeat and begging for it not to be the tracks on the album.

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…impressive songwriting, musical ambience and theatrics and overall dark theatrical intensity that keeps coming at you song for song.”
Cyrus Rhodes. Indie Music Digest.

The whole musical experience provides wonderful progressive energy and infectious hard rock ambience.”
Jonathan Marsh, Music Emissions

slowmatch makes a lasting impression upon a listener. His amazing dark syncopation and writing/performing skills are never one called into question.”
Georgia Jones, Indie Artist Alliance

Overall, this is a very impressive release by Slowmatch it was an absolute pleasure to get into his mindset and listen to. It will hold a place in my fascinating and dark play list when I really need it.”
Meghan Thomas, Rock n Roll View