Slowmatch’s sound was born in Brussels, Belgium. It is inspired by the post punk scene, and what was called the Cold Wave, and bands that broke new ground like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Killing Joke. It also absorbs the contribution of Industrial bands. Distorted guitars blend with synthesizers, and drums blend with drum machines.

Slowmatch’s sound was then perfected in Chicago. The use of synthesizers allows for the creation of a more ethereal sound with a darker atmosphere at times. These synthetic sounds together create elements of dehumanization in the music, which are issues we all contend with. But the guitars and strong choruses are meant to convey a sense of resistance, which is the rock attitude we all love.

Slowmatch became the vehicle for piles of original music and lyrics written to unload life’s worries, fears and hopes. Just like any art, this music is intended to express a message that fans can find meaning in, and connect with. Slowmatch is the vehicle used to distill that message down into an experience that hopefully is potent and dramatic for the listener.